What is your Archetype?

Tarot Reading Hadleigh
Tarot Reading Hadleigh

How to discover your personal power through archetypes and work on your spiritual growth.

Archetypes came about firstly by Plato then by Carl Yung who developed the concept of the collective unconscious. The work of Caroline Myss gives greater insight and her work has brought archetypes into the present times. Our archetypes can give us a deep understanding of our soul’s contract and our life purpose.

Archetypes can help you know yourself and others more deeply. If you take a look at the people in your life you will recognise the Perfect Mum Archetype. We all know someone who keeps an organised beautiful home, that takes her children to clubs, and has home made cakes always on the table. As children we discover the Hero Archetype through heroes such as Superman, and Iron man. We instinctively characterise others into archetypes on an unconscious level. Some archetypes can pair up well, while others can oppose. I once dated a man with the Athlete Archetype, he would spent a large part of his time in the gym, preparing his food and training others. He was happy with his archetype and I enjoyed improving my health and fitness. If I had no interest in such things I would have been upset with the amount of time he spent on himself.

Your archetype can influence your thoughts, attitudes and behaviours towards your health and fitness, relationships, career, family, finances, spiritual life, and your social life. Through your unconscious fears, programming and gifts you will have your own unique story. All archetypes have a typical behaviour pattern through our life’s journey, the driving force that is expressed through our personalities, and a soul lesson specifically for our soul’s journey. Each archetype supports and empowers through grace, our inner shadow, masculine side, mythical side, habits and lifestyle.

To find out your archetype please go to archetypes.com/quiz/  or book a personalised Archetype reading by us.


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